1. Kadambattu

Kadambuttu - Yummy Goan Dishes You Must Try

Kadambattu - Source: pinterest.com

These are rice balls or steamed rice dumplings. Kadambattu is an important part of Kodava cuisine, including all the festivals and weddings. Rice worshiping Coorgies include rice as an ingredient in most of the recipes. Kadambattu is best paired with panda curry or chicken curry.

2. Bamboo Shoot Curry

Bamboo Shoot Curry Coorg

Bamboo Shoot Curry - Source: Taste

Bamboo shoot curry is a famous dish from Kodava region. Monsoon season welcomes bamboo shoots; they are harvested before they go too hard or woody. The bamboo shoot is peeled off to get the soft and tender part inside which is used for cooking.

3. Panda Curry

Pork Curry Coorg

Pork Curry - Source: Jehan Can Cook

Panda curry or pork curry is another dish from a coorg thali. Akki roti or kadambattu give this pandi curry the best company. Spices from Coorg increase the taste and smell of the curry.

4. Akki Roti

Akki roti with Ellu Pajji Coorg

Akki Roti withEllu Pajji- Source: Sailu's Food

Akki roti with “Ellu Pajji” (sesame seeds chutney) is a popular breakfast among the kodavas. Cooked rice is used as an ingredient for making the akki roti. Hot white delicious akki rotis with chutney or panda curry taste heavenly.

5. Koli Curry or Chicken Curry


Chicken Curry - Source: Delish.com

Koli curry makes the best combination with boiled rice or kadambattu. Coconut is a prominent ingredient in this recipe. Fresh spices with coconut create an amazing flavor. This one is also a must try.

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