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Goan food is mainly influenced by the Portuguese as they ruled Goa for a number of years. They left a legacy of culinary delights, such as the creamy thick yellow caldin, which complements the flavor of prawn, or something even more exotic, like lobster peri-peri. Local ingredients like coconut paste, coconut milk, kokum (a fruit used to give a tangy and sour taste) cashew, ginger and red chilies are frequently used in Goan cuisine.

Chicken Xacuti Gone Dishes  - Yummy Goan Dishes You Must Try

Xacutiis a unique dish that consists of poppy seeds and kashmiri chillies. The pronunciation “shakuti” is derived from the Portuguese word “chacuti.”

Vindaloo  - Yummy Goan Dishes You Must Try

Vindaloois a hot and spicy dish that uses vinegar and pork meat. It is usually made with pork, beef, chicken, lamb, prawns, or vegetables, such as mushrooms.

Sorpotel  - Yummy Goan Dishes You Must Try

The word Sorpotel is derived from the konkani word soro which means alcohol or liquor. The dish requires the use of the pork and liver and is cooked in a very spicy sauce.

Goan Lady Fish Curry  Muddoshi Hooman

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Fish curry rice is the staple food of Goa and be it a beach shack or a 5 star hotel, this dish finds its way to every menu and promises to be the best dish you must have ever eaten!


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Bebinca, a sweet dish made from egg, coconut milk, ghee and sugar is one of the most popular desserts in Goa. It is a delicacy that every tourist wants to take back home.

Though it mostly consists of seafood, Goa does offer a good variety for vegetarians as well. Brinjal fry, cauliflower vegetable (flowerchi bhaji), drumstick vegetable and ladyfinger vegetable (bhendhyachi bhaji) are some of the common vegetables that though not very fancy, are sure to deliver a delicious flavor to your taste buds.

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