The Sacred Glory of Karnataka

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Hassan - Source: Wikipedia

Hassan, a quaint and splendid town in the southwestern part of Karnataka is no less than a treasure in itself. This place holds rich history that can be found in every corner of the town. Hassan promises to offer a rejuvenating, serene and fulfilling experience with its natural beauty, enchanting architecture and captivating sculptures. Each temple in Hassan is a gem of beauty curated with faith. It is believed that out of the 1500 shrines known to have been built by the Hoysala dynasty, only 400 have been discovered. Here is a list of the most remarkable temples in Hassan that just do not deserve a miss.

1. The Chennakesava Temple

Stay Simple Resorts  Wall sculptures and molding frieze in relief in the Chennakeshava temple at Somanathapura

Chennakesava Temple, Hassan - Source: Wikipedia

Built on the banks of the Yagachi River in Belur, this temple exhibits masterpieces of art carved into stone. The entire structure is built with soft soapstone, allowing for intricate carvings on the surface. The Chennakesava Temple is dedicated to a form of God Vishnu.

2. Hoysaleswara Temple

Dedicated to God Shiva, this temple is comprised of two superstructures, one dedicated to Hoysaleswara (the king) and one dedicated to Shantaleswara (the queen). The beauty of this temple lies in its subtlety.

3. The Lakshmi Narasimha Temple

Stay Simple Resorts  Horizontal moldings in Hoysaleshvara Temple at Halebidu

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Hassan - Source: Wikimedia

Built in 1246 CE this temple is richly decorated, its spectacular structure encompasses icons of Lord Shiva and Baichoja. The sculptures impart a sense of tranquility to the temple. 

4. Lord Gomateshwara Statue

A majestic 18 meters high statue of the Jain saint Lord Gomateshwara stands tall at Shravanabelagola. This statue, of religious importance to Jains, is said to be one of the tallest and most magnificent monolithic statues in the world.

5. Koravangala Temple

Koravangala Temple Hassan

Koravangala Temple, Hassan - Source: TripAdvisor

This temple is close to Hassan and not a very popular tourist destination, a fact that makes it all the more interesting. It is believed that three brothers competed with each other in order to build the most beautiful Hoysala Temple. It was the wealthy officer, Buchi, that built Koravangala Temple, which still stand today, while his brothers’ lie in absolute ruins. 

6. Sadashiva Temple

One of the most enamoring aspects of this temple is that it has a life-size standing idol of goddess Parvathi. The architectural style of this temple is not like other Hoysala Temples, there is not much elaborate work or carvings, yet the temple is indeed a treat for the eyes and the soul.

7. Gadderameshwara Temple

Stay Simple Resorts  Domical bay ceiling in mantapa of the Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli 1

Gadderameshwara Temple, Hassan - Source: wikimedia

The Gadderameshwara Temple is a Shiva Temple and is built on a rice field. A special Puja ceremony practiced at this temple is “Gutuku Neeru” which is believed to help overcome drought. 

There are various other temples in Hassan which are equally beautiful, such as Ishvara Temple, Kesava Temple, Someshvara Temple and Lakshmi Devi Temple. A trip to Hassan will prove to be a transforming experience because there is no other place with such a magical blend of natural beauty, spirituality and aesthetics.

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