The allure of visiting Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple in KRS Backwaters, built by kings of Hoysala dynasty in 12th century AD in their architectural style as adopted in Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura near Mysore, for a unique cycling holiday adventure. A destination synonymous with good times, and natural beauty, your cycling holiday can be as high-impact or laid-back as you choose to make it.

Stay Simple Brindavan Resort, Mysore Mysore cycle
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From the resort to temple, the region may not be as well-known, but offers spectacular, and often uncrowded cycling holiday routes. Along the routes the roads are well-surfaced, and clearly marked. Catch some lovely old colonial structures on the way that have interesting stories to tell. There are many small villages to see along the way which add to the experience of your cycling holiday. At the site, weaving between eerie rock formations and vast stretch of water, slowly inching up the slopes, is a unique experience on your cycling holiday. Enjoy the cycling journey with a delicious breakfast and a good cuppa filter coffee on the tour.

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Stay Simple Brindavan Resort, Mysore Mysore Venugopalaswamy temple Entrance

Tour Details:
Price: Rs. 300/person
Inclusions: Cycle, Bottled Water, Picnic Basket