Activities at Jawahar Niwas Palace Jaisalmer

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Indulge in a lazy hour in the pool or on the poolside sipping a cool refreshing drink. One of the very few resorts in a budget category to have a pool in Jaisalmer.

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Camel Safari

The Sam Sand Dunes beckons you for a camel ride, deep into the desert, to watch the fiery sunset, over the dunes horizon.

Stay Simple Jaisalgarh Jaisalmer Jaisalmer desert-safari

Jeep Safari

Driving a jeep in the loose sand is a challenge in itself, but when you have to drive over the dunes, where the only tracks are the ones you have created, then it becomes a dream adventure come true.

The resort also provides for all indoor and outdoor activities, plus an evening of Rajasthani folk dance in the desert, sightseeing tours and many more. Please enquire at the front desk when you check in.