Places of Interest Around Jawahar Niwas Palace Jaisalmer

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Jaisalmer Fort

A five-storied structure constructed in a traditional Rajasthani method. The rich heritage of the Jaisalmer fort can be seen portrayed in the novel written by Satyajit Ray which was later turned into a movie. The architectural pattern this fort is divided into three layers of walls. The outside layer is made up of solid stone blocks.The forts of Rajasthan are very intricate in nature.

The second layer goes around the fort. The inward partition is the third layer which was used by Rajput warriors to hurl boiling water, oil, blocks of rocks on the enemies. This enigmatic structure is sure to keep your eyes wide open.

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Gadisar Lake

Gadsisar Lake is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Jaisalmer. Leaving the crowd away, there is Gadsisar lake, which is the symbol of peace and prosperity. It was once a water reservoir to the whole of Rajasthan.

The major tourist attraction of the Gadsisar Lake is the lake surrounding temples and migratory birds. If you are lucky enough you might just be able to spot a migratory bird. There are a number of temples around it making it a famous pilgrimage spot.

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Patwa Haveli

The Patwon ki Haveli is considered to be one of the most important Havelis of Jaisalmer because of two important things: it was the first Haveli to be ever built in Jaisalmer and it is a cluster of 5 different havelis making it one of the biggest Havelis. The other name given to this Haveli is the “mansion of brocade merchants” because the Patwa family used to deal in gold and silver.

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Jain Mandir

Jain temple is located within the boundaries of the Jaisalmer fort. This temple is amust visit on a Jaisalmer tour. Thrillophilia can make arrangements for you to get inside the temple. The temple is rich in architecture and art. The Jain temple still holds the idol of Parshvanath which has been built from black stones.

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Desert National Park

Unlike the other national parks in India, this park lies barren and is formed by sand-dunes, rocky surfaces and salt lake bottoms. The park also has some of the fixed dunes spreading throughout its length and breadth.

Home to some of the indigenous wildlife and avifauna species, this park represents a unique ecosystem. Chinkara, Indian Fox, Hare and Desert Cat are some of the most commonly found animals in this park. Amongst the birds, the Great Indian Bustard or the state bird of Rajasthan is found in abundance in this park.

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Tanot Mata Mandir

This temple is one of the pious spots in Rajasthan and a must visit place in Jaisalmer. Presently managed and maintained by the Border Security Forces, this temple has successfully escaped the 1965 Indo-Pak war.

It is in fact believed that none of the bombs dropped by the Pakistani army exploded within the surroundings of this temple. The temple now has a museum that displays the unexploded bombs.