When you hear the word “travel” what do you think of? For some, happy memories come to mind, others are reminded of past dreams. The word travel seems to be an answer to everything. It can become your answer, especially if you are planning to finally tie the knot with your significant other. Here is how travel will prepare you in the most phenomenal way, for the beautiful journey ahead.

1. Travel makes you independent

Marriage is all about depending on each other, but ironically, for a happy marriage, the two people involved should be independent and capable of handling things on their own. Whether you go for camping or trekking or for a stay in a quaint town, travel teaches you to take responsibility of your safety, health, finances and even your routine.

2. Gives you time to think

Marriage is a life changing decision and a wrong one can steer your life in a completely opposite direction. Relaxing in a hammock by the beach or squatting on a rock on a hill, will allow you to get away from your daily life. You get precious moments to reflect on your thoughts, to better acquaint yourself with your true being, to figure out what you expect from your life and decide how you are going to work towards it.

3. Helps you gain confidence

Before you set out to love someone else, it’s important to love yourself. When you travel alone, you get to know a lot more about yourself that you ever did. Right from booking the tickets, to surviving and enjoying a completely alien land, when you handle everything on your own, it gives you the kind of confidence that reinforces your love for yourself in a way that nothing else can.

4. You make friends

When you are all by yourself and there are plenty of others like you, it leaves a lot of scope for random interactions that may develop into deep conversations. It’s very healthy to have friends from different cultures and regions. It widens your horizon.

5. You no longer fuss over things

Marriage is about letting go a little bit and happily adjusting with your better half. Our routine makes us rigid in a way that we find it difficult to accommodate any changes. Travel however, is a beautiful experience that teaches us that sometimes things might not happen the way we want and all we need to do is adjust.



6. It is probably the last bit of your guilt free leisure

We all would like to believe that marriage does not change us and that we always get our “me time” but let’s be realistic here. Even if you have the most supportive spouse, there will be other elements like family functions, your job and your kid’s homework that will compel you to cut that “me time” short. So before bravely embracing a life of responsibilities, it’s important that you pamper yourself without giving a thought to any other life worries.

7. It helps you manage finances

Travelling under a specified budget is a learning experience that will come in handy when you have to make financial decisions during marriage. Learning how to budget, even if it’s just for a vacation, gets you practicing with prioritizing budget items and handling your own finances.

8. It lightens your bucket list

We all have our bucket list for travel and to enter the married life with a completely unchecked bucket list might put a lot of pressure on your spouse. While travelling together is always fun, it won’t be possible for your spouse to accompany you everywhere within a few years of marriage. So it’s best to get married after you have lived your own experiences.

9. Travel makes you wiser

Simply put, travel increases you knowledge of the world and yourself. And who won’t like to get married to a wise person who has spent a good number of years on the go?

10. It makes you a good observer and listener

When you travel, you experience life in a completely different way. Throughout your journey, you learn to observe the people and places, you learn to understand yourself and you learn to absorb the fact that in order to understand you need to observe and listen.