You know you are a traveler when...


1. The idea of eating at a roadside Dhaba seems more appealing than the best restaurant in town.

2. You no longer mind sharing your berth in a train with the unfortunate strangers who were unable to get confirmed seats.

3. You know the family history of at least one co-passenger and their children, while travelling. You also end up sharing their daily worries a little bit.

4. You are an Indian traveler when you know what a hold-all is, even though it is now obsolete.

5. You are absolutely comfortable falling asleep on the bumpiest of Indian roads because that's just the way we roll!

6. You know at least three people that you got talking to in a chai-shop, on issues ranging from the weather to politics and all the way to your family history. Because histories are just stories that come after a friendly 'Hi.'

7. You prepare a snack before you sit down to book railway tickets...you just know it's going to be a long long wait!

8. You know what city you are in just by looking at the landscape outside your bus/train window.

9.  You can talk about food from almost any part of the country because let's face it, we Indians love to eat, no matter where in the world we are!

10.  You can’t stop thinking about your next vacation. Whether it is daydreaming about your next destination or researching activities to do near the hotel, you find yourself thinking about travel almost daily.

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