School children can almost never wait to be in college because for them college spells independence, fun and a cooler life. Adults who have finished their college days and are earning a living are almost always ready to trade anything and go back. And college students, well, they know what golden nonchalance they are dwelling in and just wish to remain like that forever. We bet that no matter what the budget, a trip with your college friends during your college days will forever remain your favorite trip. Here is why we are so sure about it.

1. It Widens Your Horizons

There is something about packing your bags and venturing out into unknown paths along with like-minded people that makes a trip all the more exciting. You can literally be yourself, breathe free, and explore the world like it’s your stage.

2. It Makes You More Adaptable

Your college time is the time when you can make yourself more adaptable because you are old enough to know what is right and wrong, and young enough to not be rigid in your ways. A trip makes you realize that sometimes you have to let go and sometimes you should hold on. It makes you realize that your way is not the only way and there other beautiful paths that you can take as well. 

3. It Makes You Adventurous

There is no one more capable of making you experience bungee jumping, river rafting, zorbing, trekking, skydiving, and other adventurous stuff, than your college friends. They will mock you, motivate you or do whatever else they think will work, and prepare you for the adventure. 

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4. Go from College Friendship to Lifetime Friendship

A college trip always strengthens the bond of friendship because by the end of the trip you will have a lifetime of precious shared memories to hold on to.

5. Makes You a Storyteller

Don’t we all take pride when you have interesting and funny incidents to share at social gatherings? Well, a college trip with friends will turn out to be a wonder book of such stories.

6. You Can Hog On Food Without Any Inhibitions

Food is always twice as tasty when you have it with friends. And the best part about college trips is that you don’t have to control your appetite, nor do you have to impress anyone with your table manners. All you have to do is be yourself, order as much as you can, and then beat each other in eating competitions.

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